Certificate Of Authenticity

This certifies that the print [Title of your painting here], is an authentic, limited edition, giclee print made from an original oil painting by [Artist's name], and signed by the artist.

This [15" x 20"] print is number ______ out of an edition size of ______.

[Title of artwork] is also available in an edition of _____ [24" x 31"] prints.

Furthermore, there are _____ artist proofs, and _____ printer proofs in this edition. This edition was consigned in 2002. No other editions are in print.

This giclee print was made by Mounier Giclee of Morro Bay California, using the finest materials available to assure long lasting beauty, and to protect your investment in fine art. The canvas is acid free cotton/polyester, and is used in conjunction with archival, pigmented inks that are engineered to last 130 years. This print was meticulously matched to the original oil painting in a cooperative effort by [ Artist's name ] and Mounier Giclee to attain a print that faithfully captures the essence of the original.

To properly care for your investment in fine art giclee prints, never display in strong ultraviolet radiation, such as direct sunlight. This print has been sprayed with an acrylic protective coating to protect it from environmental pollutants, which could cause some degradation over time. With proper care and handling, your framed giclee print will last for generations to come.

The sole copyright of the original painting is retained by the artist. Any unauthorized reproduction is in violation of U.S. copyright law.

All information and statements contained herein are true and correct.


Artist's signature ____________________________________

Mounier Giclee
P.O. Box 1446
Morro Bay, CA 93443

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