Follow the sequence of steps below to calculate your cost.

If you would like to discuss your project with me, call me at 805-772-3015 and together we can figure your final cost.

4x5 Photoscan using the Betterlight Digital Scanning Back

First painting:

$65.00 (includes photography and scan)

$50.00 each

Additional paintings:

For the ultimate in quality and price. When you choose to copy your artwork using the Betterlight Digital Scanning Back, you're getting the finest reproduction quality available today. Your artwork is transferred directly to the computer, avoiding the intermediate steps of shooting film, and scanning a film transparency, thus eliminating several potential sources of image degradation. Film is good, but a scan from the Betterlight Digital Scanning Back is better!

If you choose to copy your artwork with the Betterlight scanner, skip to the Photoshop set up charge. When you use the Betterlight system, you incorporate the photography and the scanning into one superior process.

If you decide to shoot with film, continue to the next step.


4x5 Copy (Film) Transparency Of Your Artwork:

First painting:


Additional paintings:

$50.00 each

Duplicate transparencies:

$25.00 each

Bracket exposures:

$20.00 each

High Quality Scans From Film - 2000 dpi optical resolution

4x5 Transparency film only.

$45.00 each

Photoshop Setup charge:

One time charge, per image:

Betterlight set up:


Film set up:


Includes as many proofs as necessary to match your original. Usually 3-5 proofs.

Includes archiving the scan and Photoshop work for future printing without you having to pay the Photoshop setup charge again.

Gene Francis

Fremont Girl

Watercolor paper prints:

$15.00 per square foot.. Acid free and OBA free.

Canvas prints:

$16.50 per square foot (Acid free water resistant canvas).

UV and Protective Coating:

$2.50 per square foot. $10.00 minimum. High performance coating formulated as a clear protective top coat for increased UV protection, as well as abrasion, water, and chemical protection.

Quantity print pricing:

1st print is always the regular price. See above.

10% discount on a duplicate print.

15% discount on the additional prints of the same image, if you order 3-5 prints at a time.

20% discount on the additional prints of the same image, if you order 6 or more prints at a time.

Calculating total square feet.

Total square feet of your print can be determined by multiplying the width x length, then dividing the total by 144.

A 1" border is added to prints up to 20"x20".

A 1.5" border is added to larger prints.

No charge for the border unless a larger border is requested

Prints made from your digitized image:

You bring me your digitized, ready to print image, saved as tiff, jpeg, or psd, and I will print it "as is", without making any color, contrast, density, or size adjustments in photoshop. No setup charge, no photoshop work, no archiving, no guarantees. You just pay by the square foot for your print.

  • Optional Proofs: $25.00 ea.
    If you decide that you'd like me to print your image without paying a set up charge, I strongly recommend at least 1 test proof. Variables such as monitor calibration, ink sets, paper, etc. can all lead to differences between what you see on
    your test proof or monitor and what my printer produces. It is highly unlikely that your image will meet your expectations without at least some adjustments to compensate for the differences.
    If you decide that your image file needs more adjustment after you see a test proof, I can either adjust it (see below), or return the file to you so you can make any necessary adjustments before it goes to print.
  • Intuitive adjustment based on over 30 years of experience: $35.00
    Once I look at your image on my computer, I may recognize issues, such as contrast, color balance, saturation, or density, that would benefit from some adjustment. Then I make the adjustments followed by a test print. After viewing the test print I will make any more adjustments I deem necessary and then make the print.
    The print will look excellent, but may not match the original painting exactly.